A Long Overdue Thank You Note

Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 at 8:28 am

30th November 2013 – we celebrated our 5th Anniversary. We tried to make it memorable by organising a small event. We auctioned off our famous friends on Twitter, asked more famous friends to sell their collectibles for fundraising, and we invited all the kids for a movie and some fun sessions together. It was a memorable day.

Wira had people queueing outside his tarot reading corner. Beradadisini volunteered to make coffee for everyone for xxx a cup. Nanathnadia agrees to take photos for free where people. Sari Husada sent out goodie bags. Masova taught the kids to draw.  Charlie with his martial art skills.

While the rest of our guests busy counting coins. Prior to D Day, we auctioned some of our famous social media friends to raise more funds. Afit will personally cook for the highest bidder. Nanath will do a make up for free, Hanny will write a poem, Masova will draw, and bottlesmoker gave exclusive merchandise & special video. Arian Seringai donated some of his collectibles, Adib Hidayat, Beradadisini, Ollie, and Rahne Putri.

For all the fun times. For all the laughters. For all the bickering. For all the support. For every single penny donated through us. For giving a damn about what we do. Most of all.. Thank you for your never ending trust. Coiners & droppers, the volunteers, colleagues, friends, the families, the media, and most importantly, the CAC Network.

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